Ever Famous Made in Taiwan

Made in Taiwan

Ever Famous Co., Ltd. is OEM/ODM friction hinge and parts manufacturer in Taiwan. We brings you over 30+ years of experience in designing and manufacturing ODM/OEM molds and parts. We are a full service manufacturing company specialized in complex, low to mid volume, metal and plastic parts fabrication. We make quality parts provide fast delivery and sell at competitive price.


Our services start from molds designing, material purchasing, raw casting fabrication, CNC machining to surface treatments and parts assembly. Our customers spread allover North & South America, Europe, Asia, India, Japan, Middle East…. etc.


Our business

  1. Moulds & Dies
  2. Die Casting Parts
  3. Friction Hinges
  4. Metal Stamping Parts
  5. Plastic Injection Parts
  6. Metal & Plastic Assemblies
  7. Cold Forging Parts
  8. CNC Machining Parts
  9. Bronze Casting Parts
  10. Brass Forging Parts
  11. Investment Casting stainless steel Parts
  12. Powder Metallurgy MIM parts
  13. Powder Coating
  14. Automotive Seating Components & Assemblies
  15. Automated Equipment of Testing & Assemblies

Ever Famous have been engaged in the arena of mechanical manufacturing for approximate 30 years. All of our allied manufacturers are choice by Ever Famous from the different business. Most of them have cooperated with Ever Famous more than  30 years. The team performs professionally with leading technique, qualified equipment, and most importantly the sense of responsibility.





Our Value

Helping our customers to secure their new business and strengthen their competitiveness through

  1. A./V.E. Cost Management
  2. Project Management
  3. Engineering & Process Management
  4. Quality Management
  5. Productivity Management
  6. Risk Management
  7. Supply Chain Management
  8. Parts Assemblies
  9. Centralized Management
  10. Centralized Purchasing and Delivery

Main Market                                                   


North America, Europe, Japan, India and Middle East covering the following industries:

  1. Transportation – Automotive, Motorcycle and Bicycle, etc.
  2. Electronic Metal Parts
  3. Antique Car Parts
  4. Office Furniture
  5. Optical Industry
  6. Parts for Medical
  7. Other Industries

Ever Famous continuously strives to improve the service. We are responsive to the demands and suggestions of our customers. Your demands and business will be took care in first priority and responded to you immediately.

If you would like to discuss your prints or even your ideas with respect to their machinability, we will be happy to discuss various machining options and alternatives. We can work with you in early in your design phase to ensure that the your ideas can be implemented to perfection. You can fax a print or Email us your electronic files: .IGES, .STEP, or .DWG. As soon as we receive your information we will quote to your esteemed company with the best competitive price at the shortest operation time.