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Ever Famous Co., Ltd. (EFC) has been in the business of designing and manufacturing Friction hinges and CNC machining parts since 1989. We are a full service manufacturing company specialized in complex, low to mid volume, metal and plastic parts fabrication. We are friction hinge manufacturer allied with more than 50 ISO 9001 or ISO/TS16949 certified manufacturers in Taiwan and China.

We are ISO9001 verified friction hinge manufacturer earn more than 20 items patent in Taiwan and China. We are ODM/OEM custom friction hinges supplier in Taiwan.


Our friction hinges torque range is from 0 to 100kgf. The diameter is beginning from 2.5mm to 15mm.  We also make vertical hinges for PDA, TV shlef, Audio equipment...etc.

We have strict quality control standards for different products. For example, we test mobile phone hinges over 100,000 cycles, notebook hinges for 30,000 cycles, and LCD TV hinges for 6,000 cycles.


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Products display

1. Friction hinges ranging in torque from 0 to over 100 Kgf-cm and the diameters from 3.2mm to 20mm.

2. We also produce semi-custom or fully customized hinges to fit their OEM applications.

3.We provide hinges of LCD Television, notebooks, mobile phones, PDA, 3C products, GPS, and axis, screw rods, studs for medical, automobiles and electronics hard wares.

4. The life cycles of these friction hinges' exceed 100,000, and torque tolerances have been lowered to 10%.

5. We have strict quality control standards, we test mobile phone over 100,000 cycles, notebooks for 30,000 cycles, and LCD TV for 6,000 cycles.

6. We have already win 19 patents including 13 patents in Taiwan and 6 patents in mainland China.






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• STAR 10J/20/23SERIES





• Machining capacity: O.D 0.5~60mm L 0.5~1000mm

• Machining accuracy: O.D 0.005mm L 0.01mm








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